You Should Implement These 7 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas Right Now

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If you run a real estate company and have not input videos into your real estate website, you are still living in the 90s. Nowadays, every business is tying up with videos to market their value because there are a lot of benefits of video marketing.

Using words and pictures of the property is normal, but if you add a video of the property, buyers can relate to the environment and the house they will pay for.

There has always been a problem with pictures in the real estate business. Buyers often complain about what they get. It’s basically because some companies don’t provide what they show in the pictures, which is why most buyers lose their trust while buying a property or a house.

To correct this mistake and win their trust, you have to create real estate videos for marketing. Not only this, but by doing video marketing, you can also stand out from the crowd and win the race.

So why not you are starting when you are getting so many benefits.

Well, in this blog, we will give you valuable tips to get started. Along with that, we’ll give you secret hacks to stand out from the crowd.

Here are 7 video marketing hacks you should apply right away

Build trust:  Building trust for your business is the key to boosting your sales and having a strong client base. If there is no trust, there’s no client. So try to win the trust of your buyers and be genuine all the time. Try to sell what you are showing in the pictures and the videos. Be as real as possible, and don’t over-edit them.

Real-estate marketers often show the old footage of the property, which used to be beautiful, but when the buyers see them in real, they get annoyed, so show them the recent footage, and that’s how you can build trust among your customers.

Make a budget plan:  Bearing the production budget might be costly, but growing your business with the right strategy, is well worth the hype. Don’t compromise with cheap quality video editing and poor footage. Because if you can’t show the real beauty of the property, you are going to sell, how will the buyers understand the property’s value?

Quality doesn’t need high-end products, so don’t end up buying the costliest products. Plan your budget to get a better result. You can also rent them if you want to, but we suggest you invest for one time and sort it out.

Remember to take out all the aesthetics and the beauty to attract buyers.

Relate with emotions:  people are always attracted to those products to which they can relate emotionally. To create videos so they can feel attached to the video. When a person makes up their mind to buy a property, they don’t want a house, and they want a home. A home where they can enjoy themselves with their family and loved ones and feel relieved after coming home from all-day work, enjoy their weekend and share the beautiful memories of their life. So keep up all these things in your mind, and script the video in that manner so that they can visualize their expectations with the house after watching the video.

Attach the neighbours:  If a person plans to buy a house in an unknown place or far away from their present house, how will they trust the neighbourhood based on just a picture or a video?

Suppose you take one step forward to add the neighbours in the video and talk to them about the local environment. In that case, buyers will understand it better because people living there and experiencing the whole thing can understand the situation better than any other person.

Capture everything. From people going shopping to the children playing around, people hanging on the roads, and stuffs like that.

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Editing:  There is no doubt you need a good video editing tool if you create real estate videos. Because all the hard work will pay off when the video is visually pleasing. As I said earlier, don’t over-edit to make it look fake. Just enhance the beauty. Use proper transitions and soothing background music, and you are ready to rock.

Platform:  Choosing the correct platform to upload your videos is another important task. And it’s also related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more popular and highly SEO optimized platforms it is, the more views will come, and more views will mean more customers.

Platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter will be the best. All of the platforms are highly SEO optimized and known to most people. Recently these platforms have been pushing up video format and mostly short videos. Try to make short (reels\ teaser) and long-form(fully detailed) videos and upload them to the relevant places. Use the short\ teaser types videos to catch buyers’ attraction and attach the links of full videos with it.

Perfect CTA:  Make your customers hit that CTA button right after watching the video. After all, the motive is to increase your sales. Don’t make extra long videos, or else you will lose your customers. Make them short and crisp so that they get the proper information and get entertained. Use the right tools to make a catchy CTA. One thing you can do to get their attention is by giving them an offer. Tell them that if they book a call with the dealer right after watching the video, they will get a certain discount on the entire deal. And boom! You have sold a property already.  

Over to you 

All the tips given above are linked to each other. If you miss one tip, the second one will not work. So read the blog precisely and win the game.

We have tried to give you all the information you need. Now it’s you who will make them real by applying them to your video marketing strategy for your real estate business.

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