Seeking The Perfect Gif? Here’s A List Of The Top 8 Websites To Find Gifs

When chatting with friends or family online, GIFs express emotions. Even businesses can use GIFs to convey their feelings to their target audience. You can use it as a part of your blogging campaign or social media campaigns. These animated pictures can convey a thousand words if you use them correctly. It can induce a nod of approval, a chuckle, or a deep belly laugh.

If you are considering using GIFs to connect with your target audience, you can make a GIF from a video. For that purpose, you should use a reliable video to GIF converter. A good converter will create a GIF while maintaining the quality. With the help of that tool, you can get multiple GIFs from a single video. However, if you don’t want to obtain GIFs from a video, you have another option; find exciting GIFs from any of the websites mentioned below.


In early 2009, GIFBin took the Internet by storm. The website is home to entertaining GIFs online, and all of them are grouped by tags. Users can find the kind of GIF they require easily on this website. The site also features random GIFs to entertain its users, and you can click on the Random GIF option to be entertained. If you are looking for the most popular ones, click on the Most Viewed option or the Top Rated option.

if you are considering using GIFs to connect with your target audience, you can make a GIFs from a video or find exciting GIFs from any of the websites mentioned below.


Imgflip was introduced in 2011, and it has grown to be one of the go-to websites for GIFs. The website allows its users to create unique GIFs, images, and charts using their online content generator. The site also has a built-in social element that allows users to share content instantly. 

Users can subscribe to the Pro plan of the website and acquire the ability to remove the watermark from the created content. You can also disable advertisements on the website, gain better image quality and more storage space. You can even get longer videos. 


 Frank Nawabi, Erick Hachenburg, and David McIntosh founded Tenor in 2014. The platform attracts over 12 billion searches in a month and boasts 300 million monthly users. It is one of the most popular websites for GIFs on the Internet. 

The GIF platform features an analytics dashboard, one of the more advanced features you will find on such websites. The platform provides visualizations and real-time analysis. Thanks to these features, marketers and content creators get a clearer picture of how people use their GIFs. 

Tenor is available as iOS and Android apps.


Henry Lockwood, Jack Cooke, and Alex Chung founded Giphy in 2013. They created one of the most important GIF websites in the world. The collection includes entertainment, reactions, food/drink, sports, anime, action, animals, gaming, emotions, and cartoons. While all of these categories are available through the main menu, you can click on the Categories link to access everything from news to action and politics GIFs. 

Furthermore, Giphy has done more than other GIF providers to make content easily accessible. They have partnered with various platforms and brands, and you can access a huge collection of GIFs from the website’s extensive database. There’s no end to how you can express yourself through GIFs. 


David Karp created Tumblr in 2007, and the platform is specifically designed to operate as a hybrid of a social media and microblogging website. It is also home to several GIFs and microblogs. Users can use the platform to find videos, photos, audio, and quotes. The platform even comes with an Asks category where users can post their questions, and members can answer them. 

Tumblr has more than 500 million blogs and 15 million daily posts. You can find GIFs related to any occasion. 


Alan Schaaf created Imgur in 2009 in his Ohio University dorm room. The platform was dubbed as one of the easiest ways to discover the magic of the Internet. Through visual stories and GIFs, the platform has drawn a huge crowd and created a passionate community consisting of users from across the globe. 

Imgur even provides paid advertising opportunities to its users. 

Reactions GIFs

Reaction GIFs is a website that serves up a huge collection of GIFs about everything and anything you might be thinking. According to how you are searching, you can uncover the perfect match in several ways. One of the best ways is to use the site’s dropdown menu, where you can find GIFs that match a specific feeling like confused, tired or proud. 

You also have the option to search by tags or galleries. In the galleries, you will find GIFs organized into categories like Dance Party, OMG, and so on. It would be best if you explored to find the right match. 

Summing up 

How many websites have you already explored to find the right GIF for your marketing campaign or make your online chatting experience more fruitful? Go through the ones mentioned above, and you can also do a quick Google search for related websites. Alternatively, you can create your GIF to stand out from the rest.

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