Rental Apartments in Japan

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Moving to Japan and settling there for a considerable amount of time, or perhaps for a long vacation, is a goal that many people have in their minds as a lifelong ambition. Regardless of the length of your stay in Japan, you will definitely grow as a result of the experience, and you will make a whole lot of memories while you are there that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Factors to consider before emigrating to Japan:

Emigration is a very significant decision to take, and the process itself can be challenging, both from a practical and an emotional standpoint. However, if you put in the effort to prepare appropriately and know what to anticipate prior to moving to Japan, you will have a much simpler time settling into your new life there. Have a brief guide that could be useful:

1. Consider Your Priorities

Once you start looking for your first apartment, it is to your benefit to create a budget that accounts for both the initial costs and the ongoing costs of living there, as well as for all the goods you will need to buy. In the end, an apartment to rent in Japan that is appropriate for you should be located near either your new workplace or your place of study.

2. Find Rental Apartments near your Area

Before deciding on a place to stay, it is recommended to perform a search on a map for rent in Japan and evaluate the accessibility to various modes of transportation. Note the various conveniences that can be found in the surrounding region as well.

3. Knowing about Japanese House Terms

On your search for the perfect place to live, you could perhaps see phrases like “1BR for rent,” “3BR for rent, “1K apartment,” “2K apartment for rent,” and “1LDK.”

These letters represent different kinds of rooms. A 3BR apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, while a 1K apartment usually has one kitchen (it’s basically a studio apartment). Lastly, a 1LDK house in Japan includes a 1-room with a living area, kitchen area, and dining areas.

4. Preparing the necessary papers

In addition to working up a budget for your first apartment rent in Japan, it is beneficial to compile all of the documentation that a property manager may request from you throughout the application procedure. If you have the necessary papers in advance, you will make your preparations quickly.

In addition to this, they will frequently ask about the proof of your identification, stable financial standing, and employment. When you go to fill out rental applications, be sure to bring photo identification along with you, as well as any previous financial records or pay stubs.


If you do not have an excellent understanding of the Japanese language, it may be challenging for you to find a suitable apartment to rent in Japan. Nevertheless, if you put the advice presented above to use, we believe that the factors to consider will become somewhat less difficult for you. We will keep our hopes high that the procedure of renting goes swimmingly for you and that you can locate an excellent location to stay in Japan.

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