Everything you need to know about DC power supply

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If you are wondering what DC power supply is, you are at the right place. This article will describe everything you need to know about DC power supply in Singapore. First, we need to know what the DC power supply is and how does it work? Well, a DC power supply provides a direct current to charge or power a device. It is usually used for the application of low voltage such as automotive applications, and charging batteries basically in the applications of low current.

Power supply process in Singapore

The DC power supply works through four circuits. It requires a transformer, rectifier, filter, and regulator. Each has a specific task. Let’s discuss these four circuits to have a clear idea,

Transformer- at first the AC signal created from the electric out enters the transformer. The transformer then either increases or decreases the amplitude to create the desired level of DC at the output. It also works as an isolator.

Rectifier- the signals that come out from the transformer then enter into the rectifier. The rectifier helps in pulsating the signals thus giving a constant polarity to the DC. They consist of resistors and diodes.

Filter- The filter converts the DC signals (pulsating) into non-pulsating signals. In this process, a capacitor filter is required. It ultimately gives DC voltage as output but contains some AC variations that are small or ripple.

Regulator- the function of a regulator is classified into two. First, it makes the DC signals ripple-free and the second one is to produce a voltage that is constant at the output. Thus, it is giving a constant voltage current in the output.

After the fuel is imported, the electricity is generated and then these transmission processes take place and help in the distribution of the DC.

The DC power supply is classified into three categories which are, linear, switching, and SCR power supplies.

Linear DC power supply is usually used in industrial applications. It gives DC outputs (one or more) against the AC input. The desired voltage is produced by using an active element. This kind of power supply gives excellent regulation, less output noise, and small ripples.

Switching DC power supplies- in this type, a regulator is used to get the desired voltage. This power supply is incorporated with electronic elements that use high-frequency switching action frequently. The energy-storing devices are regulated by it. It decreases the power consumption and gives a high-powered density current if we compare it with the other power supplies.

SCR DC power supplies- SCR r silicon-controlled rectifier gives well-regulated current at the output. It is used in high current and voltage applications.


The DC power supplies can be implemented in other features such as battery backup, temperature compensation, correction of power factor, waterproofing, etc. The performance of the DC power supply in Singapore can be altered due to certain factors. Strategic designs are made to eliminate those factors such as overload protection, over-temperature protection, protection of short circuits, over or under voltage protection, etc.

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