Buzzwords, De-buzzed: Other Ways to Say Condos in Tanjong Pagar


Tanjong Pagar is a beautiful historic district decorated with shophouses, beautiful colonial architecture, and modern highrises that give the area its unique beauty and charm. Not to mention the district is also part of the Singapore government’s Great Southern Waterfront!

A tanjong pagar condo in Singapore is a great investment and choice for a home with all the great food, shopping, and other utility and needs options in the area.

Let’s look at the Condos available in the area, and how they best fit your needs and your lifestyle!

  1. Onze

The modern design of the Onze is a great juxtaposition to the colonial architecture that can be seen in Tanjong Pagar.

Located at Kee Seng Road, this mixed development (residential and commercial) has 56 units for residence and a lot of commercial spaces that will cater to their needs!

The Condo also includes a recreation park with a pool, garden lounge, and alfresco dining.

  1. Wallich Residence

If you’re looking for a more premium option, the Wallich Residence on Choon Guan corner Pek Seah will be the tallest building in Singapore once completed

This condo is designed with sustainability in mind, integrating the landscape of the Tanjong Pagar park making it an oasis not just for its residents but as well as passers-by.

The building is part of Tanjong Pagar centre, the residential area will be from the 39th to the 64th floor, making it a luxurious highrise residential development in Singapore.

  1. Altez

Just a stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar train station (approx 300 meters), Altez on 16 Enggor st. will be a great choice for people who would like to reside at a very accessible point on the island.

This 62-level residential development will be at the heart of the financial district, making it also a great option for corporate workers who want to live in style! Making it a great choice for those looking for a tanjong pagar condo in Singapore.

The Altez will also have a 50m pool, a gym, an aerobics center, and a full stacked lounging deck for its residents.

  1. One Bernam

The One Bernam is a mixed development with 250 residential units and commercial establishments to cater to all its residents.

The location of the One Bernam is prime, having 2 MRT stations within its vicinity, as well as other establishments and offices such as the Realty Centre and the Fuji Xerox Towers.

Wellness was brought into the design of the condo having a yoga deck, leisure deck, and a sky lounge and fitness club for its residents.


Tanjong Pagar is a prime location for young professionals, newlyweds, and even families! The area is dotted with commercial establishments that can cater to everyone’s needs, access to multiple MRT stations, and notable educational institutions and offices!

Let’s not forget about the beauty and history that the district has! You will be living in an area chock full of Singapore’s culture, from the architecture to the lush greenery in the area, all of this in one district that you can call home.


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