An Ultimate Guide to Litecoin for Beginners

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A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for enabling near-zero cost payments worldwide is Litecoin. It is a global payment network that is open source, fully decentralised, and offers quicker transaction confirmation timings and enhanced storage efficiency. Furthermore, it is also a proven commerce medium. If you want to buy Litcecoin, here you will find all the relevant details.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin’s primary mission was to ensure that the enterprise-sized miners did not gain control of the mining process. It does this by using various efficient encryption methods. Only Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners can mine this crypto.

Every block of the blockchain stores the transaction details, and then the mining software starts verifying the blocks and making them visible to the system participants (miners) who wish to see that. Once they complete the verification, the next block of the chain is created and rewards such coins.

The Maximum Supply of Litecoin

Released having 150 coins that were pre-mined, this cryptocurrency has a total supply of 84 million coins. Its blockchain generates new coins every two and a half minutes, and the supply reduces over time as per its design for preserving the coin’s value.

Hashing Algorithm

A hashing algorithm named Scrypt uses Litecoin (LTC), which is a much more memory-intensive one and is also slow as compared to SHA-256. However, it still has gained much acceptance in the Web3 space. It was after the modification of the Tenebrix project by the algorithm for working for mining with regular CPUs. 

The significant memory requirements for the algorithm also made it complicated to develop ASIC miners. But, its ASIC-resistant setup did not last long, and the first-ever miner of LTC was released in 2016.


Litecoin’s mining ecology has transformed from that dominated by lone miners to the corporatised one, with most of the mining occurring in huge mining pools that the IT companies control.

Its market capacity is much smaller than the more widely used coins. It remains among the top 30 coins and is among the highly traded cryptocurrencies. 

Buying Litecoins

You can use any cryptocurrency exchange to buy Litecoin or any other currency. However, ensuring the chosen exchange is safer and more reliable is essential.

Selling Litecoins

You may use the same cryptocurrency exchanges to sell Litecoin that you bought. But selling your cryptocurrency on a centralised exchange widely differs from that in a decentralised one. For instance, you’ll need to send LTC to the wallet address if you sell it using any centralised exchange. The exchange then helps to ease the process of selling this cryptocurrency for you.

You can use a decentralised exchange by connecting the crypto wallet to the exchange and completing the KYC registration process. You may also deposit the Litecoin and begin selling it after the approval. You may be able to withdraw fiat money from some exchanges, so you will need to find one that does so if you want to convert your LTC to fiat.


Predicting how Litecoin will be seen by investors, crypto enthusiasts, traders, governments, or even the general public is a bit complicated. Governments closely monitor cryptocurrencies; new crypto is generated every day.

Neither a way of asset management and storage nor a speculative investment was envisioned, particularly for Litecoin. However, a few of the investors make use of LTC in this manner while the other ones don’t. You should speak with a qualified advisor to know if it is a good investment choice.

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