An Open Kitchen Décor Is Both Functional and Elaborate – Here’s How to Get One

Have you been dreaming of wide-open spaces while working around the kitchen? Do you want your home to project a welcoming vibe? If yes, then the concept of an open kitchen is what you need. 

Simply put, the open kitchens are best for entertaining and enabling your home to flow from one space to the other. But before you remove the walls and open up the kitchen, you can make confident design choices about the storage and room flow. If you wish to choose a redesign or want to add a new lease of life to the kitchen, you can get inspired from the best open kitchen ideas. The following guidelines can help you to create your open kitchen. 

  • Develop the zones

Even though the open kitchen concept must flow to other rooms in your house, using the subtle design details will enable you to distinguish every space and enable it to be its own. That aside, a stunning area rug will function as the visual divider to create separate eating and living areas in the floor plan. You can also bring in a change in the pendant lighting to create various zones. The pendants atop the kitchen, which look different from the dining space, can create a subtle aura in the rooms. 

  • Try and open the kitchen on the outside

While the conventional floorplan of the open kitchen generally means that the room will open up to the eat-in space, the living room, or the dining room, it’s an excellent thought to take the design outside. And in case you have decided to redesign the space, you can open up the kitchen to the outdoor space. And this twist in the kitchen design can increase the square footage and helps in developing a room that is outside the kitchen using big windows which open wide along with an indoor-outdoor serving bar. 

  • Go ahead and add texture

It is as essential as selecting the correct accent shades when you add texture to the space. For instance, you can have a kitchen with bamboo shades on the windows and natural wood atop the stools, which add a visual element and don’t allow the room to be flat. That aside, the natural textures will keep the room exciting and can make it more welcoming. However, since you will work with reduced wall space in the open kitchen, the texture is something you need to get layered in your furniture and other items present in the room. 

  • Get a good-looking sink

Your sink is something that you need to choose well when you are decorating an open kitchen. Today, there are several sink styles available in the market. But if you have selected something as contemporary as an open kitchen, you install a wet-bar sink. It looks classy and can also fit in your kitchen space. You might have to get in touch with an interior décor expert to determine the correct placement of the sink so that it doesn’t appear out of place in your kitchen space. 

  • You can repeat certain design elements

Are there no walls between the kitchen space and various other rooms in your house? If yes, these spaces can often feel disjointed. But adding repeating design details will help the room to feel and appear visually connected. Also, when you repeat the pendant lights on the island and waterfall countertops in such a space, you can create a certain aura in the room. You can do it with other repeated colors, décor, and textures. 

  • Remove the cabinet walls

The floor-to-ceiling cabinetry need not crowd the space or subtract the design. Instead, you can choose open shelving if you wish to have a personalized and lived-in look. Mixing the bottom cabinets with a black iron shelve atop will give your kitchen an industrial and modern look. That aside, you shouldn’t allow the island to be only of wood. You can make the space beneath the island countertop useable storage using shelves and drawers. 

  • You can add more to the island space

A meal prep place, sink, and cooktop on the island will add a multifunctional element to your kitchen space. Rather than pushing some chairs to the kitchen island, you can place this essential kitchen element by adding all the vital features close to the island. Also, adding a dishwasher, beverage fridge, microwave, and distinctive storage solutions can free up your kitchen space and transform the island. 

  • You might want to open up the small space

Does your kitchen have reduced square footage? If yes, it can also benefit from the open design. Also, pulling down the wall can absorb two small choppy rooms and generate a bigger livable space. All such design elements can get used for the bigger open kitchens and small rooms. However, you might want to select the décor and the furniture with a small footprint and try not to overwhelm the space. 

Last but not least, you shouldn’t be skimping on the color. It would help if you didn’t allow the kitchen space to appear boring and stark. You can add more warmth to the room by adding a splash of color in unique ways and carrying the shades all through the spaces. When you opt for an open kitchen concept, the gold and black accents can add drama and provide the space with a very chic look. Also, when you are moving other spaces that are connected to the kitchen, you can carry specific details. 

These are a few elements that will enable you to create an open kitchen décor. However, you need to ensure whether your house and kitchen space can complement this kitchen décor. If you have a small area or other design-related concerns, you can always check with an interior décor expert and get the correct design plan for your kitchen. That way, you can also know the budget for designing an open kitchen and arrange it accordingly. 


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