5 Essential Tips To Make a Professional Just Listed Postcard

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As a real estate agent, you will need to list the homes you have for sale, and a just listed card is a great way to do this. 

However, there are particular things that you need to avoid to ensure that your card isn’t reading the wrong way. Total color cards and the proper fonts and wording will bring customers to you in the way you want. 

For the best tips on making your real estate just listed postcards stand out in the right way, keep reading!

Your Pictures Need To Be High Quality

If you saw a picture of a low-quality house, grainy, and you couldn’t see much, you wouldn’t want to buy the place, would you? The chances are, you wouldn’t. Instead, you would go for a picture that looks more professional and has proper lighting. The same will be valid for your card. The images need to be in high resolution so that your clients can see what they need to. 

Use A Special Offer With Your Real Estate Postcards

Everyone loves to be made to feel unique, and real estate postcards are a great way to do this. When you are looking for new prospects, they don’t have a reason to call you because they don’t know you. Your real estate postcards need to give them a reason to know who you are. The clients will be enticed to come to you with special promotions instead of your competition. 

Let Your Clients Speak For You

Having a client testimonial on your cards is also a generous benefit. Over eighty percent of consumers buy something or decide based on customers’ reviews. In real estate, those numbers are more prominent. Ideally, having a client say something positive on your card will have others coming to you for your expertise. 

Choose Your Mailing List Carefully

Bigger is not always the better idea when it comes to where you mail your cards. A good tip here is to mail your real estate postcards to subdivisions in the area you want to list. The reason is that these people will have varied interests in their housing. 

Consistency Is Your Friend

When you want to create a sense of familiarity with your customers, and you need them to remember what you can do, you need to mail consistently. When they recognize your brand by the colors, logo, or headshot, you create an opportunity for loyal customers to stay with you instead of your competition. It is recommended that you do monthly mailings of real estate postcards for twelve months to each area of interest you have to get the best results. 

Real Estate Postcards Change The Way People See You

Remaining professional and ensuring that you will have the highest level of success is how you will get customers to want to buy a house from you. The other is using real estate postcards to your advantage. With these tips, you can create something bold but subtle, professional, yet edgy, and always with a touch of class. Remember, stick with it for a year, and you will have the best results possible.

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