18 Tips to Promote Your Business Online as a Mompreneur

It’s hard to juggle being a mom and an entrepreneur. You have to take care of your family and at the same time make sure that your business is earning income. Marketing plays a huge role in reaching your target audience.

Running Google Ads is one of the basic ways to let the world know that you exist but there are also other means. The caveat is that not all brands have the budget to launch an aggressive online marketing strategy. As a mompreneur, you have to be creative in doing your promotions. Here are tips that can help you do just that:

1. Start a Blog

Building a blog is not an overnight thing; it’s a long-term strategy. Blogs that contain high-quality content add value to your website over time and add to your credibility as a business owner. You’ll gain more clout for your brand if you become an industry authority. This means that your blog posts should contain valuable insight or research that can’t be found elsewhere. 

2. Author Blog Guest Posts

One way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry is to author guest posts on other people’s blogs. Much like doing social media work, this strategy is free but requires a lot of time to accomplish. A well-written guest post is engaging and easy to read. It will introduce your brand to audiences beyond your traditional reach.

3. Sponsor a Podcast Episode

One kind of content that is growing in popularity are podcasts. In fact, over a third of Americans or about 104 million people listen to podcasts regularly. This is a great way to advertise your business since podcast audiences come from every corner of the world. If you opt to start your own podcast channel, you wouldn’t have a dedicated audience yet to advertise to, as compared to advertising on an already established channel.

4. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is still arguably the biggest social media platform on the planet so it’s only common sense that you include Facebook Ads in your marketing strategy. The best thing about Facebook Ads is that you can directly target your desired demographics. As long as you know your customers, such as their age, interests, location, then it’s easy to reach them using Facebook’s algorithms.

5. Leverage Social Media Influencers

With the constant barrage of information on the internet, it’s hard to get your message across. You’ll need the help of social media influencers to amplify your message. You can leverage the followers and engagement of the internet personality you collaborate with in order to promote your business. The influencer must be in line within the niche you operate in to effectively spread the word.

6. Create Short Form Video

If the target audience of your business are millennials and gen Zs, one of the best ways to reach them is through short video content, such as TikTok videos and Instagram reels. These 15-to-30-second clips are fairly easy to produce, and you can upload them to multiple platforms. Social media users are most likely to try a product or service from a business after watching a video about it.

7. Regular Email Blasts

This one is kind of old school, but email blasts are still a thing. When done right, your emails won’t end up in the spam list of your recipients. Apart from getting the word out that your business exists, it’s also an efficient way of informing your potential and repeat customers when you have new items in store or an updated list of offerings.

8. Enlist on TripAdvisor

If you’re in the services industry, you could enlist your business to TripAdvisor. People who are new to an area usually checkout TripAdvisor to look for local and nearby businesses. This opens up opportunities to reach a horde of potential customers who are eager to try out something new

9. Collaborate with Popular Vloggers

You could definitely make the argument that vloggers are the new movie stars. These are personalities who appear on your screen and who have an almost cult-like following. Not any vlogger will do. It must be someone whose content is relevant to the product or service your business offers. If you’re a mom who decided to start her own makeup line, you can collaborate with beauty or makeup vloggers.

10. Contribute on Relevant Forums

Forums are online spaces where people discuss particular topics and interests. The common mistake among entrepreneurs who market their business on online forums is that they don’t contribute to the conversation. Usually, they get booted out when all they do is drop spammy links. Learn to meaningfully engage first before introducing your business.

11. Offer Free Products

People are less likely to try something that’s unfamiliar to them. They are not willing to part from their hard-earned cash for a product or service that they might not like. Offering a sample to potential customers will incentivize them to check your business and give you an opportunity to upsell them to your paid services. Don’t forget to secure their contact details so you can alert them with future offers.

12. Optimize your Website for SEO

The main benefit of search engine optimization or SEO is that it helps with the visibility of your website. Say for example a person is searching for a nearby bakery. Local bakers who have an online presence who have optimized their websites will rank significantly better in search engines than those who don’t. In fact, about 80% of local searches on mobile lead to conversions.

13. Sponsor an Award

Industry awards are highly publicized events, that’s why a lot of businesses take advantage of this by becoming a sponsor, either for the event itself or for one of the awards. You could also give away freebies as part of the award, like a year’s supply of your best selling product.

14. Give a Talk at a Seminar

Webinars or web seminars became the norm when the pandemic hit. Suddenly, organizers can invite speakers from the other side of the world and have audiences with diverse backgrounds. Webinars give you the benefit of a highly-engaged audience making it easier to promote your business. The larger the audience in attendance, the wider your reach becomes.

15. Regularly Issue Press Releases

A small up-and-coming business might not get media traction from regularly issuing press releases but it’s still a common practice in the industry because it gives the appearance of credibility. Press releases are more formal forms of communication. This is where you announce important company news and events with particularity.

16. Branded Email Signature

The way you sign off your emails can be a passive way to promote the business. You can do this by adding quick links to your website and socials, and accolades that the brand has received, directly into the email signature. With this, you’re making it easier for the recipient to reach you through various channels and not just through responding to the email.

17. Implement the Pareto Principle

The 80-20 rule or the Pareto Principle when applied in marketing simply means that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients. When you get to identify which segment of your target audience generates the most income to your business, you can notify them with more offers and discounts. If your website has a portal system, it’s easier for you to tailor fit your marketing to these customers.

18. Post Content with Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are an easy way of finding specific content on the internet. You can categorize the media that you post using hashtags making it accessible to your followers. When thinking of a tagline for your business, make sure it’s hashtag-friendly. All your subsequent posts across different social media platforms should carry this hashtag.

There is no hard and fast rule in marketing, as long as the strategy that you implement will add value to your business. Not all of the tips mentioned here will be applicable to your business. You have to tailor fit your marketing strategy to your niche and target audience.

A little patience is also key. There’s really no way of knowing if a strategy is going to stick unless you actually try it out. If it doesn’t pan out then you’ll have to go back to the drawing board and implement another marketing strategy that is more in line with your goals.


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