you’ve got a friend in the diamond business

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When it comes to diamond jewelry, we’ve always had a friend in the diamond business. We have a great relationship with a man named Peter DeCesare. He used to work the floors and do the cleaning while we put the diamonds on display. We felt that he was a very close friend and so we always had a kind word for him.

Now that youve all the backstory, we know that Peter spent many years in the diamond business before falling deeply in love with a princess. Her name was Cami and she was very beautiful. It was after her marriage to Peter that she took on the diamond business with a vengeance. She has the same beautiful diamond as you have. Cami is also a very good friend of yours (and mine) so it makes sense that you’d want to keep her in the family.

Peter is the one who has the diamonds so it makes sense that you want to keep her in the family. It also makes sense that you want to help her keep it that way. You know that she needs something to help her remember the past so she wants to give it to you, but only if you promise to keep her in the family and to keep her close to you.

You guys are a lot alike and it’s nice to have a friend in the diamond business. If you don’t want to be friends by any means, you don’t have to be a part of the family, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep her in the family. You can always split her between you and your friend in the diamond business because you can’t always keep all your friends close friends.

So if you don’t want your diamond to be around the diamond family, you can always leave her to someone else. It all depends on whether you want her to be your friend or your enemy. If you want her to be your friend, you can give her all the money, jewels, and titles, but you cannt take away her family. If you want her to be your enemy, you can help her, but you can’t take her away from your family.

I cant lie, I was always scared of her. She was the diamond family’s bitch, but I couldnt let her be my enemy either. But in the story we are seeing, she was actually pretty good at what she did. She was the only one that made the family money and she brought the family down.

Just like in real life, there are some secrets that are better kept hidden than revealed, especially as it relates to the diamond family.

In the new trailer, one of her friends, Alisa, tells the story of how she met her husband Paul. He was a famous diamond smuggler and she was just a pretty girl looking to fall in love. She didn’t like that and kept her distance. But he finally became the enemy of the Diamond family not only because of his actions, but because he refused to sell his diamonds so that he could protect them from her family.

The trailer doesn’t specify whether or not he was trying to protect the family, or just the diamonds, but as always, we just assume it was for the diamonds. The Diamond family has a long history of greed, murder, and murder, so it’s not hard to imagine that Paul knew that and was trying to keep them safe from her.

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