Who Else Wants Crypto Promotion?

Who else wants crypto promotion? Do you want to be paid for your website or blog promoting a cryptocurrency? In this article, I will list the top five companies that offer custom crypto-promotion. Their websites are easy to navigate and their service is excellent.

Beyond investing in Bitcoin, there’s always the online world of cryptocurrency token promotions. Promote blockchain by joining one of these companies and get paid for being an expert on digital currency!

1. Cryptolix

Cryptolix is one of the first crypto-promotion companies and was established in 2013. It offers free advertising for new cryptocurrency products and services. What’s the catch? Your website or blog must be receiving at least 100,000 visitors per month. If you don’t meet that traffic requirement, then you will need to pay $50 per blog post.

The company pays out via wire transfer on a monthly basis if you reach the minimum traffic requirement. If your website reaches 500,000 visitors per month, then they add another £100 ($150) to your monthly pay-out. The minimum payment is £200 ($300). If you are an established blogger or website owner, then I recommend Cryptolix.

2. AdBrite

AdBrite is another professional crypto-promotion company that has been around since 2004. AdBrite guidelines are very clear, and they have strict rules on prohibited advertising. However, if you can adhere to their rules and get your site approved for advertising, then you can earn up to $250 per week for promoting crypto on your site or blog. You must be receiving at least 100 visitors per day to join AdBrite or else the company doesn’t approve your application.

3. Bitcoin Buzz

With a name like “Bitcoin Buzz”, can you imagine what this company does? They’re a crypto-promotion company that pays you for promoting altcoins, ICO projects and Bitcoin on your blog or website. They offer an attractive payout of $2,500 for joining their platform or an additional $1,000 if you already have a substantial following on your blog or website. In order to be approved by this company, you will need to be receiving at least 500 daily visitors to your blog. Click here.

4. CryptoCoin News

CryptoCoin News has been around since 2014. They payout via PayPal if they approve your application and can reach 300,000 monthly visitors to your website. It’s easy to join this platform and their service is excellent. 

5. Crypto Gurus

This company pays $20 per accepted blog post and $50 per article published on your website or blog as long as it’s in English or Japanese. You’ll need to have at least 100,000 visitors per month on your website or blog before they approve your application. 

Cryptocurrency promotions are becoming more lucrative with so many companies popping up that pay you for promoting their new cryptocurrency products and services.

6. CoinRating

CoinRating pays you $10 per accepted article on your website or blog. This company is located in the UK and accepts contributions only in British pounds, so don’t forget to convert your money before applying. They have strict guidelines on prohibited advertisements, but if you keep your articles clean, then this is a great opportunity for an established blogger or website owner.

7. CryptoWoo

CryptoWoo offers many rewards plans that are based on the number of visitors each week you receive to your site. The minimum payout is $50 per submission and it takes 7-14 days for that amount to be deposited into your bank account when they get around 60-80 submissions each month from their customers. Payout programs offered by CryptoWoo:

– $5 per year blog post (until you reach $50) – $10 per published article on your blog (until you reach £250) – £50 per published article on your website off page seo.

8. Media Agency

If you’re an established blogger, website owner or YouTube creator, then check out a media agency that pays for crypto.

9. MyCryptoAds

MyCryptoAds is for those who want to promote cryptocurrencies without the hassle of handling cryptocurrency ads yourself. They pay you a percentage of the ad revenue from any advertisements that appear on your site or blog. You’ll need to have at least 100,000 monthly visitors on your site or blog. They don’t offer a referral program, so if you can get your friends and family to visit your site and click on an ad, then that’s great!

10. TrafficTrade

TrafficTrade is the last cryptocurrency blockchain promotion company on my list. If they approve your website or blog, then you can earn $100 per week because they pay you to promote a crypto product or service. You must have at least 5 visitors per day to join this company. Like most companies, they have strict guidelines on prohibited advertisements.

These are the top ten companies that pay for cryptocurrency promotions. If you have experience promoting cryptocurrencies on your website or blog, then you can share your story with us in the comment section below. Please share this post with your friends and family online so they can earn some extra cash!

If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, then take a look at my available cryptocurrency listings . You won’t find a more professional list anywhere online!

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