which of the following is an infrastructural element of a business strategy?



According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, infrastructure is “the system or device which enables the running and functioning of a business.” There are two things that we can take away from this definition: 1) infrastructure is not a person or thing, and 2) infrastructure is not a component of a business. It is the system that enables the business to function, and it also is the component of a business.

The word infrastructure comes from the Latin infrastructura, meaning “internal or internal.” Infrastructure is the “foundation.” Our infrastructure is the business itself. We have to be able to create a business in order to be able to create a business’s infrastructure. An infrastructure is the “system” which connects the business to everything else in the business.

In general the infrastructure is the system that connects the business to the rest of the world. In business, this is the system that connects the business to suppliers, customers, employees, suppliers, and competitors. However, in most businesses, some infrastructure isn’t included in the business model because of the cost, or the difficulty of maintaining. It is included either because the company wants to do it themselves, or because they want to leverage resources from other people.

Business infrastructure includes hardware, software, support, etc.

In order to run a successful business, you need to be connected to every other part of the world. This doesn’t mean you have to own all of it or be the only one with access to it. A business that wants to be successful has to be able to leverage resources from other people, and in order to do that it needs to be able to create infrastructure.

Infrastructure is the actual building blocks of a successful business. It’s a web of devices and processes that allow your business to grow. It’s the backbone of the business strategy. You need to know how to leverage resources from others in order to succeed.

As you might imagine, infrastructural elements are often the most expensive things to build, and they’ve historically been the most difficult to manage and use. But in today’s world, a business can leverage these infrastructural elements to its advantage. You might not need to be able to build a whole new plant or warehouse, but you can put in a single pipe and a few sensors for an entire supply chain to thrive.

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