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This month’s paper republic notebook was a collaboration between me, my friend, and a dear friend who is a graphic designer. We got to work to create a book for each of us to share our work. We love paper and I love the republic idea.

paper republic is an idea that I’ve been playing with for some time now. It’s an idea to create a set of “pocketbooks” for people to take with them when they go off to an adventure. It’s a very modern idea that can stand alone, but it uses the idea of the pocketbook to allow people to carry their work with them. It’s a very different idea from notebooks you carry around with you.

We decided that we wanted to give each of us an individual notebook, so we created a set of custom notebooks for each of us. These have been super fun to create! One of our first tests was to each of us write in our own little notebook of our favorite foods and drink, our favorite places, and the things that we are in the process of conquering in our lives.

The process of creating a notebook was a challenge because it required us to decide on a variety of topics, to consider how often we would want to write, and to consider how detailed to write, all while keeping it in a pocket. We also needed to consider our goals for our notes, as well as what we might want to do with them. All of these things made for a very interesting process.

It’s still a work in progress, because when we finally get around to our notebooks we’re still not sure what our goals are for them.

Our notebooks are still pretty rough. Our goal is to fill them with words that we think we might find interesting, but that we haven’t actually written yet. We want our notebooks to be something of a “living document” with a life cycle. We want to be able to take a short note from our current notes while we’re driving, or while we’re doing something else, and have it be there for years.

We’re working on it, paper republic notebook. We’re going to start by filling the notebooks with stories and poems we have written, and then we’ll be able to take that and make it into a journal. Then, like a little kid, we can start drawing on them and put them in order. This is something that we actually did before, but now that we’ve been doing it for a few weeks, we can do it more efficiently.

We like to think that when we’re doing something new, we often feel the need to record the process so we can relive it years later. It’s something we do for our own enjoyment too, which is why the new notebook is so great because we can take the stories we wrote in it and put them in order.

We started out with a notebook that was just a little bit bigger than the one we’ve been using now, and then used that to fill it up. It’s great because we can take all the stories we’ve written and make them into notebooks we can take anywhere.

This notebook is a great example of our new way to organize our past writings, because it has stories with many different perspectives, which is a great idea. Our notebooks also allow us to easily get to know this new story better than the one we wrote in the old notebook.

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