10 Best Facebook Pages of All Time About oceanography and marine biology

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The ocean and marine biology have been a major focus for me over the years, and it has really helped me understand how and why our world works the way it does. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to places like Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands, and I’ve learned a lot about the workings of our planet.

Since I live in the ocean, I feel it is my responsibility to understand it for myself, and to try to help the next generation understand it as well. This is what I love about the ocean. The fact that it is full of life and is very hard to see, and can be scary and scary to see, but it is also beautiful in many ways.

That’s why I love the ocean. I want you to think about the ocean all the time. I want you to think about your own life. I want you to think about your environment. I want you to think about the world around you.

That’s a lot of ocean. I think the fact that it is incredibly beautiful and terrifying all at once is one of the things that makes the ocean so fascinating. When I read a lot about the ocean I feel like I’m sitting in a very big ship that’s heading toward a big iceberg. There’s a lot of wind and tension and movement as the iceberg slowly moves forward. It’s that constant motion and constant change that keeps me coming back for more.

I think that when I’m reading about the ocean I feel so alive. The ocean is like my own personal version of a high-tech reality show. I get to relive myself on the ocean. I get to see the ocean as a whole.

One of the many reasons that I love the ocean is because it is a sea full of life. It is a vast ocean with plenty of fish, whales, sharks, and other marine life. It is also home to a variety of forms of life that are either very rare or very common. For example, the deep ocean is home to a species of fish called the spiny dogfish.

The ocean is a very rich and diverse place. Of course, marine life does have its limits, but there is always a bit of hope in the ocean. There are a variety of reasons why the ocean is abundant and the life there is abundant. One reason is because we live in the ocean, and the oceans are home to all kinds of marine life. Another reason is because the ocean is very large and contains a lot of water. Another reason is because the oceans are very rich in nutrients.

As a marine biologist, I’m often asked what I think about conservation. The answer I give is that I believe that we should preserve the diversity (and also the abundance) of marine life we have left. That’s what we need to do to ensure that we have a healthy ocean. However, I’m also a firm believer that if we do that, then we are destroying the ocean.

The truth is that marine life is everywhere. It is also very abundant. But its abundance seems to come at a price. When you think about it, all ocean life is dying. If we could save all life, we would probably have enough time to save every single one of them. But if we can save all life, then we are destroying the ocean.

The ocean has made it pretty easy for humans to survive over the last 100 million years. But in the last 10 million years the ocean has been dying. At the rate of one creature every 500 years, there are currently less than one million marine creatures left. So if we don’t save the ocean, we are potentially destroying it.

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