megalodon size vs blue whale

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We are all different and all unique in the world we live in. I’ve seen other people have problems when they look at something in a certain size. I’ve had many people tell me they can’t believe they don’t see the same issue when they look at something in a larger size. That’s because there isn’t that much going on with the scale, so as a result, we tend to not pay attention.

Although it seems to be a common misconception, the size of a blue whale is not the same as the size of a megalodon. The megalodon is a gigantic herbivore; the blue whale is a very small whale. It is possible that a megalodon could have some sort of social hierarchy system that allowed for large and small whales to interact with each other.

The size of the whale is not so much an issue for the megalodon. They’re also not as big as you might think. And if they were, they would probably be a bit more aggressive. So it is possible that the whale may need to be larger to fight the megalodon. This is also supported by the size of the manta rays. These are huge animals that are so very deep into the ocean they can be seen from space. They are quite large.

Although the whale is so big, they are no match for the manta rays. They are incredibly fast. And they are so fast you can’t even see them. The megalodon, on the other hand, is so big that it can engulf a whale in seconds. And it can do so without hitting them. So the only way for the megalodon to even think about attacking the whale is if it is swimming close enough to hit them.

Megalodon are the most fearsome creatures in the world. They consume most of the ocean’s food, and they are so hard to kill that they come to the top of the food chain. The biggest reason that they are so dangerous is that they can breathe through their blowholes. This means that if one of these massive beasts gets hold of you, it can suck you right out of your skin.

My own personal theory is that the megalodon really is the biggest threat to our world, because we have no way of controlling it. We’re stuck with them forever and they’re pretty much untouchable, but I don’t know that that’s a good thing.

The megalodon is a fearsome predator that will kill a large number of people in a single attack. It’s not the biggest threat, but it’s also not the easiest to kill either. As our friend and former colleague, Brian Eno mentioned, there are other animals that are bigger, stronger, and can take over a body at a single blow.

The blue whales are another threat, and they’re actually super badass. They’re not the biggest threat, but they’re definitely the most badass. They’re also extremely dangerous and easy to kill—they can be easily transported in a bottle to any location in the world at the speed of a bullet. So if you ever need to attack a blue whale, you’ll need to have a bottle handy.

Blue Whales are a different animal entirely. Theyre not generally thought of as dangerous, but when they do get to be around, they can be a pain to deal with. They are more of a water mammal than a fish; theyre the size of a small car, and tend to have six legs, a tail and a head. They can be difficult to land on in terms of maneuverability as they have no dorsal fin.

megalodon, on the other hand, are incredibly large and have no dorsal fins. They also tend to have no head or eyes, but I have a feeling that this is an illusion created by the fact that the megalodon’s eyes are actually located on its forehead.

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