dolly: my life and other unfinished business

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I started out my blog with the intention of documenting my life. I was just the kind of person that was always talking about other people’s lives. That sort of got me into a lot of trouble. It was always in the back of my mind that I would eventually write about my own.

I guess I never really considered that I could write about my own life at all. I never got to say anything about my family, or my job, or my dreams. I just wanted to write about my life as I saw it, and see if people would like it.

It’s a good idea to stop talking about your own life and start giving it to the world. Most of my friends are too old and too wise to understand how much they could use that little bit of perspective. So it’s up to you to decide if it’s good for you to share that little bit of perspective with the world.

Dolly: my life and other unfinished business is a series of personal essays that look at the way your life has shaped you, and how it could be shaped by someone else. It is the story of a person who has never been the same after she had her leg amputated. I feel that the way she became an adult is what made me who I am. It is also about how I am going to change the world.

For the most part, I’m not even sure if the essays are as interesting as they sound. They remind me of the kind of people who make it their life’s work to write novels and essays about life. I feel that the essays are more interested in the way our lives and perspectives shape who we are. The only thing that makes them all the more meaningful is the way they take the story of our lives and put it into a way that makes sense to us.

Sometimes, the essays don’t do much for me. For example, the essay about my life and my future, which is about a series of events that I don’t fully remember and don’t know how to react to, is very hard to understand. The other essays, I have to assume, are a bit more understandable, but the way they do that is the only thing that makes them all the more noteworthy.

Most of these essays are very emotional and are meant to be read in a non-critical way. But because they are about events that you dont remember, you can often just read them as though they were written by someone who has the same emotional reaction as you. It is very touching however.

This is not an exact science. But it is what I do to try and make sense of the world. I usually spend a lot of time trying to learn how to process the emotions and emotions themselves, instead of just the events. You can definitely learn a lot from it.

To be clear, I don’t recommend reading this book in the first few pages. But if you do then you’ll have a better understanding of the emotions that are part of our lives. I’m not trying to say that you should feel the exact same way as I do about this book, but I do want you to have a better understanding of how your own emotions work.

Dolly is about emotion. She describes the emotions that are part of our lives like you would describe a room in a house. There are the good emotions like happiness and joy, the negative emotions like sadness, hopelessness, anger, grief, and fear. The emotions we have that are very personal and not necessarily positive ones, like fear, pain, and anger.

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