deathbed promises constitute a particular kind of unfinished business.

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I have written (loudly) about this topic before. I have also written about how we can make the most of our days on earth by planning them into seasons, even if we don’t actually have a season that we are in.

I am talking about the idea of planning your days around your deathbed.

We all have regrets. For some of us, our deathbed was just the last moment we wanted to face our sins. For others, it was the moment we wanted to finally go out into the world and start over. Some of us just don’t have the energy to deal with all that stuff. We just want to say good-bye.

The idea of deathbed planning is one that is often said to be incredibly difficult for people to do. Most of us are a bit ashamed to admit that our lives span across multiple stages. We all want to die at the same time, so we all sit down and make plans about when we will all die. We are also very careful about the way we die, so we will have to be in a place where we can leave behind all our possessions and memories and loved ones.

For many people it is a bit of a nightmare. We all want to have a peaceful death, but it is hard to tell when a person is actually ready to die. For some people, their bodies are in perfect condition, so it is easy to know they are ready to go. For others, the body is very bloated, so it is a bit harder to tell, but it is definitely time.

While the process of getting ready to die is a bit like getting ready to jump off a cliff, dying as a person can be different. We all know someone who has an accident, or dies at a young age, and they aren’t ready to die, and they are incredibly close to the edge. In death it is a bit like climbing a cliff.

There are many ways to jump off a cliff. Some have arms and legs, others have arms and legs, but they all have the ability to simply fall to the ground. In death, the body is more likely to be on a lower platform, so when we die, we simply fall to our deaths.

The idea of deathbed promises is that by dying and then making it to the other side, we are saying something to the other person, but that doesnt mean we are saying it back. Sometimes we do. But deathbed promises are much more than that. They are the very way that our lives are ending before we can change them. One of the main reasons we are all on this website is because we are all hoping that we will die on one of these boards.

The deathbed promises are an idea of what death-in-life is like. In this case, it is a board where we all hope to die at the same time. It is a kind of unfinished business.

We all have a deathbed promise in the back of our minds. We have all had conversations about how our life is ending soon, or is so close to it that we are scared to lose it. It can be an idea of how we will die, or it can be an actual conversation we had about it (and then we all said it).

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