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I’ve talked before about my own cuckold lifestyle. I’ve never shared it here. But if you’re someone who’s read my stuff you know that I like sex with multiple partners. The same goes for me.

I have a cuckold lifestyle. I have more than one. You can probably figure which of them I have on the picture to the left. I even have two cuckolds. But that’s it. I know you’re thinking, “But cuckolds are supposed to be monogamous.” And the truth is, yes, they are.

I was married for 25 years before my wife and I got married.

It seems like a lot of people who get married only get to know each other for a short period of time. But it isn’t. For those who aren’t married, cuckolding is an option. If you’re not married, you can still have sex with multiple partners, and one partner will be the one who gets the kids.

Well, I thought about this post all day today. I’ve known for a while that cuckolding is an option, but I just never felt like I really engaged in it. The truth of the matter is, I’ve never had a serious relationship, so a woman who is a cuckold doesn’t make me feel bad. In fact, she makes me feel better.

Ive been cuckolded twice, once by a woman and once by a man. And I think I understand why they feel the need to do it. Ive been cuckolded, and Ive been a cuckold, but this is a much different thing. Cuckolds are people who have a partner who isnt cuckolded. They are people who are single and have no partners.

The cuckold lifestyle is not a normal thing. A woman that is a cuckold is someone who is cuckolded by someone (or multiple people) who feels that the person isnt worthy of a partner.

This seems to be where the “Cuckold” line of thinking comes from. The cuckold lifestyle is that women or men who feel they dont have a partner are cuckolded, or they want to be cuckolded. A woman who is a cuckold is someone who is cuckolded by someone or multiple people who isnt worthy of a partner.

This line of thinking also got us thinking about another lifestyle which is the cuckold lifestyle. It is not normally a thing, but if you live in a traditional western society you may have gotten that idea from movies like ‘Hangover’ and ‘The Hangover Part II’.

The cuckold lifestyle is often a result of a person being emotionally/physically destroyed, having his or her partner killed, or having their partner raped.

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