The Most Influential People in the cross-business strategic fits can be found Industry



Our clients are our best ambassadors. We’re motivated by the results we’re achieving and the relationships we’re building. If we work with a business that is not aligned with our goals, the results will be lost.

Cross-business strategic works on multiple levels—from the business side of things to the personal. It’s not an easy level, but it’s there.

Our clients are our best ambassadors. Were motivated by the results were achieving and the relationships were building. If we work with a business that is not aligned with our goals, the results will be lost.

In business, we do things to promote our company’s success. We want others to see how we’re doing, to like us or not. We want them to do business with us. They want to become our friends. We want them to like us or not.

There is a lot of competition in business. We’re only as successful as our companies. They don’t know what they’re doing to us, so they don’t see any opportunities. They have no chance with a company that is not as successful as they are. We want them to see who is in the business. We want them to be on the same page with us.

Companies can be an extremely valuable source of information about each other. There are a lot of companies that don’t even know each other or what they do. They’re just an extremely difficult target for us to find.

The problem is that the companies you find out about through your own company wont be exactly the same companies you find out about through your competitors. A lot of times, people who work in the same industry have a general idea of what the competition is doing, but when it comes to actually doing it, they’re not nearly as careful or as thorough as they could be.

Well, now you know.

I know, I know… that sounds like a real cliche, but it’s not. We’re just talking about people who have a relationship with one or more companies on the other side of the business. This has to be a tough market to find people who want to network with others. Especially when it comes to business, it’s just not easy.

Its not hard to find out what the competition is doing. Its just that its very difficult to have a relationship with them and actually do it. We do know that there are some companies that have a relationship with other companies, but only if the company has gone to bat for them or they know them well enough to be able to help them out. If you dont have a relationship with a company, then you are pretty much left out.

Wow! I can't believe we finally got to meet in person. You probably remember me from class or an event, and that's why this profile is so interesting - it traces my journey from student-athlete at the University of California Davis into a successful entrepreneur with multiple ventures under her belt by age 25

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