business communication: polishing your professional presence

business communication

I think the most difficult part in business communication is that it boils down to the question, “Do I want my prospective employer to know that I know what I know?” You definitely don’t want to seem a know-it-all.

Your attitude and presentation, especially at work, is something you have to communicate from the very beginning. If you just throw yourself out there and flaunt your knowledge in front of your coworkers, you will eventually be taken as a know-it-all. So the first step is always to explain what you know and how you know it.

Polishing your presentation isn’t just about your knowledge. It also involves a lot of your personality. If you are a self-aware person, you will understand that the best way to communicate is not by yelling at people to be quiet, but rather by being quiet and showing them you know what you are talking about.

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