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Brent Smith lives on a small ranch in western North Dakota and is the author of the book “Livin’ The Life.” He also writes “The Two-Way” where he shares the success stories of his life and how you can be a part of those stories as well.

Brent Smith is a retired writer from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He has written a number of books, including Livin The Life and The Two-Way. He is also one of the hosts of The Brent Smith Show, a show that airs on The Blaze.

Brent Smith is a man who loves that life in the country. He loves to hunt, fish and build things. He also loves to write. His latest book was Livin The Life, the story of his life and all of the things he’s done.

Smith is also a writer, and that’s where his latest book came from. In Livin The Life, he takes us through his life from his early days in Texas to the present day. He shows us how he has traveled the world, how he has met and worked with many great people, and how he has lived a very balanced life.

The book is also a beautiful photo book in which we get a chance to see a whole lot of Smith in all his glory. He is a very creative man, and it shows in this book. The book is well worth reading though for its many beautiful photos of Smith’s houses and his favorite parts of his life.

I’m a big fan of how he lives his life, but I’m also a huge fan of his photography. This book is the result of years of research and hard work. The book is well organized and has a lot of information that is easy to digest. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in a life that is balanced, happy, and just an awesome person to know.

I’m a huge fan of Brent Smith. He’s a great person to know, and a great photographer, as well. This book is the result of years of research and hard work. It’s easy to read, and has great photos. I highly recommend it to anyone whos interested in a life that is balanced, happy, and just an awesome person to know.

Brent Smith is a great photographer and a great person to know. His book is worth reading because of his talent. It has a lot of interesting information and pictures that are easy to understand. The author does a great job at explaining his method of taking photos and the results that they produce. This book is also packed with great pictures, and it would be a shame if this book was not well-respected in the photography world.

The book, which is also his first for an independent publisher, is a real gem. The author seems to have taken his photography very seriously and he does a great job at explaining it. It’s like you’re in the same room as a professional photographer, but you don’t have to pay $450 for a book that you can just pick up in the store.

For photography fans, this is a great book. For non-photographers, its a little out of your usual price range.

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